Build an inclusive company by hiring
top diverse talent

Reach your diversity and inclusion goals by using Staffplex to recruit top diverse talent.

Hire in 3 easy steps


Request talent

Submit a request on our portal telling us who you're looking to hire. Within days, we'll match you with a list of top diverse talent who meet your criteria.

Interview talent

Schedule interviews after reviewing talent resumes. Save 30+ hours per week while meeting a steady stream of great talent.

Hire talent

Once your ready to hire, submit a request and Staffplex will manage the paper work needed to hire a new employee.

What our clients are saying

Diane Rettew

VP of Talent Acquisition

Staffplex has been a game-changer in our recruiting efforts. We've been able to source and hire top talent at scale, and Staffplex has significantly improved our time-to-hire. I'd definitely recommend Staffplex to anyone looking to hire in this highly competitive job market.

What our customers
are saying

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Why Staffplex


Hire top talent quickly

Our hiring process will cut your time-to-hire down from months to days. When you use our services, we'll reduce your time sourcing down to zero by only sending the top 3% of candidates. The best part is, you only pay when you hire someone, so you’re not wasting time or money.


Reach your diversity and inclusion goals

When you partner with Staffplex, you will get a diverse pool of candidates for every job opening. We ensure that every candidate is fairly evaluated on job-relevant information by removing identifiable details from resumes, like names and photos.

Stand Out

Keep talent interested

The job market is more competitive than ever before. Candidates are getting multiple offers and are often poached in the middle of the hiring process. Staffplex is able to keep talent interested in your company during the hiring process so they aren’t influenced by competing offers.

Why hiring diverse talent is important

Organizations that embrace diversity  benefit from a larger talent pool than those who don’t.
Employees who feel like they’re accepted for who they are – are happier.
Employees with different experiences are able to collaborate and form new ideas.
If your brand is known for its diversity, it will appeal to potential customers and candidates
Companies with diverse teams tend to produce 19% more revenue than those that aren't diverse.